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Season's greetings

Here we are! The last Sunday of the year.... I must admit there is a part of me going, * Thank God it's over*. 2012 was a funny year for me, I can't say I was productive or even creative, of couse you can't be creative all the time but this year was particularly slow, and I  had moments where I was just staring at blank paper for a very longtime, not being able to draw anything at all. Anyway, I think my hibernating period is almost over, there are a few exhibitions coming up next year so I better stop rambling and start working on new ideas! 
Oh, and I have an important news to share, the novel by James.G.Stevenson Max and the Opera House Ghost now has its own blog, so please check it out. James only just began blogging about Max, but it is interesting to see how both novel and blog will develop in the future...

I just like to thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments about my works, I really appreciated. I'll try my best to post more frequently in 2013! ( Yes, it is definitely one of my new year's resolutions!)

Have a safe & wonderful holidays xx 


  1. I really love your art - it is truly original, clever and beautiful. Look forward to more in the coming year.

  2. Hello Zoe - Thank you for leaving me a lovely message :) I saw your blog, love your whimsical and delicate favourite one is the black fox!