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Done and Dusted - Day Dreaming #2

7. Let's watch the flower grow, ink & water colour on paper, sold 

8. Play time, ink on paper, $170 

9. Flower talk, ink on paper, $170  NFS 

10. Greetings!,  ink on paper, $170 

 11. Sky traveller, ink on paper, $170 

12. Fruit picking, ink on papar, $170 


Done and Dusted - Day Dreaming #1

I've just bump out my show at Kinokuniya bookstore this afternoon, I feel a bit funny about taking photos at the galleries, but then again it was my show and no one would stop me from documenting my own  Anyway, thank you all so much for your lovely feedback! 
My next exhibition will be held at Sydney Children's Hospital in December. So stay tuned, I'll post invite & details of the show as the date gets closer. 
In a mean time, here are the works from Day Dreaming show. A couple of my works have now found a lovely new home, but others are still available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any of my works, please contact me here  
I'll upload more works shortly. 

1. Spring Explorers, ink & water colour on paper, $170

2.Blossoms in bloom, ink on paper,  $170

3. A night, a snail, ink on paper, $170 

4. Afternoon by the pond , water colour & ink, Sold

5. Underwater , ink on paper, $170 

6. Snorkelers, ink on paper, $170