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End of an exhibition

Now the show is over! Just wanted to thank everyone who came to the exhibition  "somewhere they can't find me" at Gaffa over the last two weeks! I've got so many positive responses and am very happy about that...

I know I'm not meant to be taking pics, but hey, I thought I should probably document my own show so here are some of the images from the show...

...Do you like simple black and white ones or dot & coloured ones...??




It is now less than fortnight until the opening of group show I'm in...! Very excited.If you are happened to be in Sydney on the night of 6th October, please pop into the gallery, Opening starts at 6pm  x


re IMAGINE book

This is very very first publication! Artnow International Corporation kindly gave me an opportunity to be part of their forth book called "reIMAGIN contemporary art".

Here I am! ...and yes, its my red diary holding the page...very professional, I know...but anyway,
if you are interested, you can purchase a copy from  here.



Two little creatures on hot air balloon.... and look, there is a rainbow! I love having a random rainbow on my drawings...Awesome! 


Up coming group exhibition at Gaffa

Preparing for my up coming exhibition at Gaffa gallery in Sydney. 
I'm still making my usual b/w pieces, but I've been playing  with water colour lately so I can assure you, this show is going to be more colourful and playful than ever...!!


Two for One

I've made these drawings for my friend Martin. A bit hard to see, but if you put these images together side by side, it becomes one big picture.


Current Exhibition

My latest exhibition is happening at Sydney Children's Hospital. (Randwick, Sydney) as part of their Arts program 2011, please check out  for more details

** thank you to my very talented friend Xander for designing this lovely invitation!