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About commissions...

This is my latest work I made for a client who came to my previous exhibition at Kinokuniya Bookstore and wanted something similar to the work that was in the show. 

I often get asked if I take commissions and I don't think I really mentioned it on this blog or on my website, but the simple answer to that is Yes I do. I am happy to create work just for you.  
Drop me a line here if you have specific subject matter, size of the work, etc, etc. I am also happy to hear from you if you'd like to have work created but have no idea how you want it to look. ( vague ideas are always welcome!)
Just for the record, my usual drawings come in A4 size and they take a few days to complete, so if you'd like larger piece I do need a bit more time. ( Probably a week or so.) 


Christmas show

Lovely Roxanne who is a Art Manager from Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation kindly invited me back to their Christmas Art Exhibit at the Hospital this year. My last show there was back in 2011...time flies. 
Opening is on 5th December from 5.30pm - 8.00 pm.  So come along if you are in town, I'd love to see you there :) 


Done and Dusted - Day Dreaming #2

7. Let's watch the flower grow, ink & water colour on paper, sold 

8. Play time, ink on paper, $170 

9. Flower talk, ink on paper, $170  NFS 

10. Greetings!,  ink on paper, $170 

 11. Sky traveller, ink on paper, $170 

12. Fruit picking, ink on papar, $170 


Done and Dusted - Day Dreaming #1

I've just bump out my show at Kinokuniya bookstore this afternoon, I feel a bit funny about taking photos at the galleries, but then again it was my show and no one would stop me from documenting my own  Anyway, thank you all so much for your lovely feedback! 
My next exhibition will be held at Sydney Children's Hospital in December. So stay tuned, I'll post invite & details of the show as the date gets closer. 
In a mean time, here are the works from Day Dreaming show. A couple of my works have now found a lovely new home, but others are still available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any of my works, please contact me here  
I'll upload more works shortly. 

1. Spring Explorers, ink & water colour on paper, $170

2.Blossoms in bloom, ink on paper,  $170

3. A night, a snail, ink on paper, $170 

4. Afternoon by the pond , water colour & ink, Sold

5. Underwater , ink on paper, $170 

6. Snorkelers, ink on paper, $170 



This is rather a short (and late) notice, but I am having solo exhibition at Wedge gallery, Kinokuniya bookstore in Sydney CBD. It starts on Thursday, 3rd October and goes for a couple of weeks. Please pop into the gallery if you are in town, I am putting 12 new works that have not been exhibited before! 

bookstore's website here


tiny bubbles

My partner went diving the other day and was telling me about how he saw school of fish trying to eat air bubbles coming from his regulator. May be they thought air bubbles were planktons? I'm not sure. Anyway, this is a drawing based on that story. I should dedicated this piece to you, N and all the small, silvery fish in the sea! 


Artfuly & Chrysanthemum

I met Rachel from
 Artfuly during the Opening night of my previous group exhibition ZERO A.D. at the Tate in Glebe. Rachel kindly invited me to join her online Art gallery that specialise in selling original artworks by artists around Australia. 
You can browse through "Artists" and read about bio & detailed information about artworks that are for sales.  If you like what you see, you can also share the artworks through Pinterest, facebook etc. etc.
Oh, and my page is here.

Apart from this exciting news, I'm still drawing lots of flowers in black and white, seems like colours have escaped from my drawing papers...

Lovely Chrysanthemums I've got a few days ago vs. my version of them minus bright yellow and plus little creatures. 


Procrastination over

I've been thinking about getting name card, or business card for my art for a very long, long time. I thought they would come in handy especially at exhibitions. So here they are! I finally did it! Procrastination over! 

By the way, do you use ArtStack? I've been invited recently and I must admit I haven't paying much attention but there are some great artworks from old masters to contemporary art and it is fun going through their massive archives. For those of you who aren't familiar with Artstack, it is like Pinterest, but purely Art. If you are using the site, you can find some of the artworks by me there too, my user name is Nana Sakata. I believe it is invitation only to use the site, if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send you the invite. Lets stack! 


The Tate show

From top: I thought I was alone... , Faces, Deep Dark Woods, Underwater, Spring 

Huge THANK YOU for those of you brave the crazy rain and came to The Tate Show "ZERO. A.D" on Friday last week...! It was so nice seeing you there and hope you all had great time!

Here's my works from the exhibition. I'm so happy that my works have now found themselves lovely homes...x 


ZERO A.D 1.3.2013

Hi! Sorry about the late notice....if you are looking for something to do this Friday 1st March, please join myself and 10 other artists for our group exhibition at The Tate in Glebe, Sydney. This is a one night only  exhibition and starts from 6pm til 9pm. 

The list of artists involved in the show are : Amelia Murray, Mac Archibald, Glen Downey, Bec Cook, Natalie Moss, Lisa Bowen, Jay Morbus, Shelley Tansley, Alice Amsel, Justin Renn & Nana Sakata.

Hope to see you there! 



Aestheticaone of the most exciting Art/ Culture magazines from the UK kindly featured my work on Artists' directory section of their latest February/March 2013 issue.
Web version is here 
Thank you, Aesthetica! 


Max and the Opera House Ghost 2

It is sad and unfortunate, but I have to inform you that the book "Max and the Opera House Ghost" is no longer available for purchase. So, this post can be a tribute to short lived Max and co. in a way, I suppose. I know the illustrations don't make much sense if you haven't read the book but hope you'll enjoy my not-so-dotty drawings :)

For those of you who have read/ purchased the book, (and loved it) thank you so much for your support, it means A LOT to both James and I. :) also, Max fans, don't be disappointed ..... I can't say much at this stage but promise his journey will continue.....and you'll be able to read all about it, hopefully sometime in the near future...! 


under the sea

May be because it is a middle of ( very warm ) summer here in Sydney,  I have been doodling a lot of under the water images lately. On a personal note, I'll be heading to Hawaii in less than 4 weeks time,  this is going to be my first visit and I can't wait to put my snorkelling googles and explore the underwater landscape....! But before I can put my ink and papers away and start packing for the trip, I need to get myself organised and prepare for up coming group exhibition at The Tate, Glebe that is happening in late February. I'll post details about the show as the date gets closer. Stay tuned!