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Recent exhibition and thoughts on reproducing works.

I feel like I have been neglecting this space for a while since I have started Face Book page (if you haven't already, please check it.)

So let's catch up. Here's a couple of images from my recent group exhibition "Black and While"at cute little store in Surry Hills called Somedays which closed two weeks ago. Thank you for those who came to the show! 

Now, the topic is going to jump a bit here but lately I am getting quite a lot of people asking me if I do prints or potentially re-producing specific work/s that I've done in the past. I must admit I have always been hesitant about reproducing my illustrations as prints or postcards, (I know there are many artists out there doing it and I've got absolutely nothing against it, its just me, I'm just stubborn about "one - off" artworks.) but who knows, lately I am having second thought about doing prints or I should say the idea of transforming my art into other forms / objects. If that's the way to reach wide  range of audiences I may try that in near future...

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